Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Groups Forming

The next sessions for my two groups, are set to start the week of March 15th. If you haven't been to my website, or aren't familiar with my groups, here are some brief descriptions: ATHENA A Support Group for Young Women Ages 14-18 The goddess Athena symbolizes wisdom, courage, warfare, power, divine intelligence, skill, and creativity. During the teen years, young women are faced with a fierce internal battle between who they are and who our society, family and friends expect them to be. Amid this internal war, it is easy to lose touch with, and confidence in, these aspects of themselves. Athena is a therapist-led group where young women come together, in a safe place, to discuss any issues that they are facing in their daily lives. They learn that they are not alone—that every young woman faces this conflict in her own way. Together, they can gain confidence and pride in their own identity, wisdom, power, intelligence, skill and creativity. Among the issues we tackle are: Food and Body Image Dating, sexuality and intimacy Bullying Poor self-esteem, lack of confidence Shyness, loneliness and isolation Anxiety and Depression Academic Pressures Or anything else they need help with… and Healthy Mind – Healthy Body A support group for women struggling to create a healthy relationship with food. This therapist-led group provides a safe, supportive place where you can figure out why food became so much more important in your life than just sustenance. You’ll share your struggle with other women locked in the same battle, learn the tools to change, and together, internalize a new, healthier relationship with food. Discussion topics include: •How food became a substitute for love and affection •Using food to shove down/numb out feelings •Building the mental muscle – becoming more mindful of your food choices •Journaling to discover the roadmap of how you use food, so that you can make more conscious choices. •Family and cultural messages about food and body image •The vicious cycle of Depression and Anxiety that results from using food as a drug, perhaps momentarily feeling better, and the self-loathing, regret, shame and panic (or defeat) that follow •Sexuality and Intimacy (as effected by your relationship with food) •And anything else that makes it hard for you to heal... Each group costs $40 per session with an 8 week committment. If you are interested in either group, please contact me as soon as possible.

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